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March 14th, 30th and April 16th

Steve and Chrissie Sheppard's music forum is an outstanding way to hear the best in ambient, new age, classical and progressive rock music.  The shows are carefully curated and a real treat to listen to.

Steve Sheppard Playlist #509

Steve & Chrissie Sheppard-Atmospheric Moods #16

Andy Rogers-The Chillout Room #17

Fred Grenot-Impressions #1


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March 1st and 8th

Tony DiPoalo's Sound  + Vision show is a wonderful weekly radio program on Philadelphia's WPPM  106.5 and the show is also on the iconic Artefaktor Radio in Mexico City.  Tony was kind enough to play a few songs from The Hidden Abundance of Purpose. 

Sound + Vision March 1

Sound + Vision March 8 


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January 29, 2023

Renée Blanche's Night Tides radio program on Kansas City's NPR member station KCUR 89.3.  The program started off with The Daughter of the Voice Inside You with Bart Hawkings, David Helpling. Jon Jenkins and many others.

Night Tides Jan 29, 2023



January 26, 2023

Thank you Jos Verboven - Brainvoyager a Dutch electronic music composer and musician for the inclusion of songs from The Hidden Abudance of Pupose on his "Brainvoyager" weekly radio show Electronic Fusion  #386

Brainvoyager's Electronic Fusion #386



January 20, 2023

Spacemusic Podcast included new songs Emergent Properties and Kingdom Within with Pangaea Projeckt, Erik WØllo, Joerg Dankert and many more. 

Apple Podcast


January 27, 2023, New Album


After the debut album Ghost Tree, and traveling through the strange times of the pandemic, the newest release by Daniel Coppens - The Hidden Abundance of Purpose was composed with the idea that within all of us there is an innate purpose in life and that it only needs to be discovered. There are ten songs on the album, and all are connected with this in mind and that we are never alone on this planet, and we are all cut from the same cloth.

The Album was recorded over a two-year period and included a time during the recording as his father was in decline and passed. The music reflects some of the sadness and also knowing that he is in a place filled with only light and love. The song Fermer is dedicated to him and his walk back home.


I am Beacsue You Are_Image.jpg

July 15, 2022, New Single

Mid 2022 marked the release of a new single I am Because You Are.  This saying embraces the African philosophy of Ubuntu, that we are connected and are one.


February 11, 2022, New Single

To start off 2022 the single Simultaneity was released.  This meditative ambient song was based on the idea that there are synchronicities between humans who were meant to be together in this lifetime.



March 30, 2022

Spacemusic Podcast included the single Simultaneity with David Helpling, Hollan Holmes, Lisa Bella Donna, Dreamstate Logis and many more. 

Apple Podcast



January 25, 2022

Spacemusic Podcast included music from the Ghost Tree album with Hollan Holmes, Lisa Bella Donna, Forest Robots and many more. 

Apple Podcast



November 13, 2020

Spacemusic Podcast included music from the Ghost Tree album with Biosphere, Ben Blackett. Thomas Lemmer and many more. 

Apple Podcast



September 11, 2020

Spacemusic Podcast included music from the Ghost Tree album with Sverre Knut Johansen, Pangaea Projekt, Moonlooker and many more. 

Apple Podcast



August 23, 2020


Very honored that Jos Verboven - Brainvoyager a Dutch electronic music composer and musician has added three Ghost Tree songs to his "Brainvoyager" weekly radio show Electronic Fusion


Ambient | Electronic Music Podcasts 

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