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Daniel Coppens's music vibrates nostalgia and introspection. There are vaporous electronic and modern orchestra ebb and flows in the music, that can take a listener on an auditory journey of placidity.  There is a common thread in the music that hearkens back to a better time and flashes of the brightness of youth.  Within the music and in the breath of the melodies are feelings of reflection and melancholy.

Daniel Coppens is a multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Orlando, Florida.   Daniel started to play music and the guitar when he was fifteen years old.  The all-consuming guitar playing was prompted by listening at an early age, to bands like Emerson Lake and Palmer, Pink Floyd, Eno, and Tangerine Dream.    

Daniel’s first album, Ghost Tree was released mid-2020 and the eight-song album of an eclectic blend of serene delicate songs and spectral synth mosaics.  Daniel has released singles over the years including Simultaneity an ambient song with meditation in mind and I am because You Are a song that includes upright bass lines. 


After his debut album Ghost Tree, and traveling through the strange times of the pandemic, the newest release by Daniel Coppens - The Hidden Abundance of Purpose was composed with the idea that within all of us there is an innate purpose in life and that it only needs to be discovered. There are ten songs on the album, and all are connected with this in mind and that we are never alone on this planet, and we are all cut from the same cloth. 

The Album was recorded over a two-year period and included a time during the recording as his father was in decline and passed. The music reflects some of the sadness and knowing that he is in a place filled with only light and love. The song Fermer is dedicated to him and his walk back home.

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